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Manhater 100

Manhater 100



This is a parody tee that goes to a great cause. 100% of the proceeds of this shirt is going to the Family Resource Center (FRC). The FRC offers cost-free, confidential help for people affected by sexual violence, domestic violence, abuse, or neglect in the counties of Bland, Carroll, Grayson, Smyth, Wythe, and Galax city.


The Manhater 100 is not an actual race (yet...LOL...or am I?). 



A male ultrarunner who lives locally posted the following on Instagram: "A local race is spouting about a "female" RD, encouraging runners to participate in trail sisters, arranged "women only" group runs [NOTE: there has been one Trail Sisters run and 7 other trail runs this year open to everyone, none of which this runner attended]. They've opened up a non bindary category and age group awares in "three genders". No one has ever even entered this race as other than a male or female." 


I reached out to the runner in a private message sharing feeling hurt by the test in the post, as well as information about my personal life about recently coming out of an abusive relationship in which legal charges are being pursued. I also shared the following on the post comment section: "No one has said that we don't need men. There are SO many men I admire and look up to. I LOVE the race directors that I fully support and so many other good guys who are runners! Thank you for clarifying your meme post. Just like I don't know what it's like to be male or nonbinary. You do not know what it's like to be a female or female runner in this society. I would hope we can talk and listen more. This is the first I've heard of you having any problem with me or my face or Trail Sisters and I'd love to explore this more." Additionally, I shared the following in another comment post: "I appreciate your passion for men's mental health. It is SO needed. Having a son, I completely agree that society as a whole needs to be more supportive of men obtaining mental health care and of men taking care of their own mental health. I'm looking forward to reading your book on this. I hope you include information on how bigotry, misogyny, and misandry negatively affect and harm men's mental health. I appauld you for your efforts. Your comment  about my "Support Female Race Directors" post, inclusiveness of Trail Sisters, having both Trail Sisters Training runs and Non Trail Sisters Training runs, and having a nonbinary category is all confusing to me, but to each their own. You have inspired me to be more inclusive and add an adaptive runner category as my aim is to have an inclusive and safe race. I think having separate categories actually makes it more fair to all athletes involved. More males will get male category awards, more females will get female category awards, and the runners who are nonbinary get nonbinary category awards. Additionally, these categories are in alignment with the categories for Boston Marathon qualification as the BAA has those specific categories too. Being a USTAF race comes a lot more requirements and expectations to be followed in order not risk losing such qualifications. It's okay if other races don't want to follow qualifications and guidelines but this one does. There really are plenty of races for everyone and plenty of space in the community for us all. Much love ❤️ "


This was the runner's response: "The threat to Men is actually the reality. Men are four times more likely to take their own life. Mens mental health is in a massive spiral here in the US. Female only events that include men that identify as women is a little strange to me but I guess I'm old fashioned and I should do as the adio from my post suggests. I'll just be quiet, right?? Creating an extra category is intended to be inclusive but for who? If one person makes it to your races as a NB, they’ll be .005% representation. What does NB category have to do with including more women?? Zero…and that’s how many NBA have entered that race in the past. Real Men are avoiding this conversation because it’s senseless. A queer male or queer female can show up and show off by getting out there and getting it done. I’ll be the first one to show kindness and encouragement to every single participant. I say invite everyone and hope it sells out. Accommodate everyone without labels. I rather participate without any bias whatsoever ever. I couldn’t imagine inviting men only or whites only? How would that go? To stay focused on the subject matter, since I am a man, I think most men are quiet about this subject though and someone needs to speak up. Running is cool. Including everyone is cool. Awards are cool. Im sure you’ll get plenty of kudos from the running community. But if you want Men to participate, maybe make us feel welcome. Imagine this rhetoric. “It’s joke, so see my point”. Announcing the MANHATER-100. Women only. Women run the aid stations. No men allowed at all or their runner gets Dq’d. Aid stations must include hot food; not just Oreos and Lil’ Cuties 🍊 and oh, if a man feels like she should identify as a woman that day, during the race, he can also participate and win. But if we create a special category for men that feel as if they as a woman, then load em up with swag. So not just any man can participate in the women’s only thing…only Men who feel as if they are women.” - Ultra Runner of the Georgia Sky to Summit, Quest for the Crest, Grayson Highlands Half Marathon, and The Georgia Death Race. 


Thus, the Manhater100 parody tee was born.

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